Hewett Wealth was established in 2016 by Peter James Hewett on the premise that it is possible to establish a truly independent, professional financial planning and advisory business that is focussed on ensuring exceptional outcomes for clients over the long-term.

This is achieved through the provision of truly integrated and comprehensive, generational, life event based planning and structuring supported by the provision of truly independent investment solutions.

In our pursuit of “defining excellence” in the provision of personalised advisory services, Hewett Wealth has been built on three main pillars:



Providing access to independent financial advisory and planning expertise through a single, specialist, dedicated point of contact.


Delivering a value proposition that encompasses every aspect of financial planning and management.


Enabling the management of family wealth from generation to generation through the provision of independent, bespoke and professionally managed investment solutions.
Is your advisor totally independent and unaffiliated to any product provider thus enabling the provision of a comprehensive, totally independent, unbiased and competitive range of structures and solutions tailor-made to meet your personal needs?


To become a widely recognized financial services brand that our employees and our clients are proud to be associated with.


To build and maintain long-term, sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and their families from generation to generation through the provision of a single point of contact for all financial planning, advisory and investment management needs delivered through the provision of a suite of quality products and solutions.

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