Investment Solutions

Local and International Investment Solutions, Structuring and Management Services

The local and international investment environment is extremely complex subjecting investors to a myriad of alternative investment products and structures that invest in a broad range of asset types, each of which have very specific risk, return, term, taxation, regulatory and legal characteristics.

At Hewett Wealth, all investment providers and their associated investment solutions are subjected to a due diligence process to ensure the integrity of our value proposition and every investment solution is categorised in terms of risk profile, return expectations and optimal investment term together with an overview of additional considerations that investors should take into account when considering any approved solution.

Furthermore, all investment solutions are subjected to ongoing review by an independent investment committee through a rigorous quarterly review, thus ensuring that approved investment solutions perform in line with expectations from a risk and return perspective during the relevant time horizon.

These approved solutions, including compulsory and discretionary structures as well as pre-and post-retirement structures, are incorporated into our comprehensive range of investment solutions to ensure that we are able to cater to the needs of our discerning investor base, regardless of their return expectation, investment horizon and associated appetite and tolerance for risk.

Our investment services include:

  • A comprehensive analysis of your existing investment portfolio comparative to appropriate approved solutions.
  • The compilation of an investment strategy to suit your business’, trust or personal diversification needs, risk profile, investment objectives and return expectations.
  • The ongoing management of your investment portfolio through a fully discretionary management structure or in consultation with you through a rigorous review process, to ensure that the portfolio is continually adjusted to take account of changes in personal circumstances and general market conditions.

Our local and international investment solutions include:

  • A range of risk profiled active/passive unitised investment solutions
  • A range of risk profiled Personal Share Portfolios
  • A limited range of approved Unit Trust Funds
  • A limited range of approved Fund of Funds
  • A limited range of approved Exchange Traded Fund solutions
  • A set of pre-approved tax-efficient structured investment products

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Investment Solutions

Investment Solutions

What We Offer
  • Comprehensive Local & Global Investment Strategies
  • Specialist share portfolios and unitised investment portfolios
  • Ongoing management of active and passive investment strategies

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