Personal and Corporate Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare solutions, at a personal and business level, are extremely complex and are subject to continual change from a scheme and legislative perspective. Benefit structures are subject to a myriad of requirements and are frequently misinterpreted, often with dire consequences.

Hewett Wealth is however able to offer access to a wide range of medical cover solutions, including comprehensive individual schemes, group schemes, gap cover and hospital plans through its association with a best-of-breed medical aid brokerage and through its established direct relationships with the largest and most prestigious medical schemes in South Africa.

We are able to provide access to a specialised medical aid comparison model and will facilitate a one on one interaction with our industry specialists at a personal and business level.

Our offering includes:

  • A comprehensive comparative analysis
  • Hospital Plan benefit comparisons
  • Medical Aid benefit comparisons
  • Gap Cover
  • Individual and corporate administrative support

Hewett Wealth – Excellence Defined



What We Offer
  • Extensive range of medical aid and gap cover product providers
  • Ongoing claims and administrative support
  • Comparative analysis and annual reviews

Do you have adequate cover in place for any medical emergency?

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