Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits Consulting and Solutions

Whether it is the assessment of the current employee benefits structures within your business or purely an assessment of your personal provisions through your current employer’s employee benefit scheme, Hewett Wealth has the expertise to provide a comprehensive review of your benefit structures together with a set of pre-approved comparative solutions offered through some of South Africa’s foremost employee benefits providers.

Our offering includes:

  • Stand-alone and Umbrella Funds
  • A comprehensive range of investment alternatives
  • A comprehensive comparative analysis in respect of risk benefits
  • Industry leading administrative platforms and support infrastructures
  • Dedicated member training and business consultancy services

Hewett Wealth – Excellence Defined

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

What We Offer
  • Comprehensive review of employee benefits, investment solutions and risk structures
  • Individualised employee wellness solutions
  • Detailed comparative analysis

Is your current scheme competitively priced and optimally structured to meet your employees’ needs?

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