Cash Management

Personal and Business Cash Management

Although cash returns seldom outperform inflation over the longer-term, all individuals and business enterprises must hold some form of operational and / or emergency cash provisions. It is therefore crucial to ensure that the returns on these cash resources are maximised as far as reasonably possible, taking account of cash flow and liquidity requirements.

Hewett Wealth, through its association with Investec Cash Management, is able to offer a comprehensive range of cash management solutions to suit the liquidity requirements of individuals and businesses and is able to maximise cash returns through effective liquidity management.

Our offering includes:

  • Money Market Solutions
  • Variable Access Deposits
  • Call Deposits
  • Term Deposits
  • Fixed Deposits

Hewett Wealth – Excellence Defined

Cash Management

Cash Management

What We Offer
  • Cash deposits at corporate rates for individuals
  • Specialist liquidity management to maximise cash returns
  • Comprehensive range of deposits

Do you have access to industry leading cash rates, aligned to the top four money managers?

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